1. UC Browser Overview

About UC Browser

UC Browser, developed as a flagship product of UCWeb Inc., covers more than 14% market share at the end of May in 2015 per StatCounter. With high compatibility, UC Browser is now available on all mainstream operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Phone, Java, Symbian, MTK, and Blackberry. UC Browser has been the No.1 third-party mobile browser worldwide.

Check Out UC Browser Overview

Name UC Browser
Developer UCWeb Inc.
Supported System iOS/Android/Windows/ WP/Java/Symbian/ MTK/Blackberry
Users 500 Million
Price Free


UC Browser provides users with free download, data saving, ad-block, etc. functions, and enable users to have a quick access to all kinds of multimedia resources such as online music and video smoothly. With UC Browser, users can also browser hot news to grasp what happens around the world everyday. UC Browser has greatly enriched users' lives.


Features of UC Browser

UC Browser attracts users with its amazing and practical features. Here you can preview some of them.

# Mini Window Mode

UC Browser's mini window mode enables users to apart the video window from the webpage and turn it into a small window hanged on the top of the screen. With this mode, you can watch video without interrupting even when you are chatting with friends, doing shopping, or watching daily news online.

Mini Screen Mode


# AD Blocking Function

UC Browser is equipped with the AD blocking function, which can block various forms of ads that will affect your web browsing experience. Without pop-up banner ads, surfing the net will be more efficient and faster.

Ad Blocking in UC Browser


# Data Saving

In order to save much data as it could, UC Browser compresses the data and speeds up navigation, which can greatly help to save users' cellular data traffic. Users are able to browser freely without worrying the data UC Browser costs, because it pay much attention to it as you do!

# Night Mode

Users can turn on Night Mode in UC Browser at night while browsing to protect their eyes. Switching to this mode enables users to read more comfortable.

Switch to Night Mode on UC


#Cloud Sync

UC Browser's Cloud Sync function enables users to save the bookmarks under their accounts on devices. This amazing function helps users to sync the data on UC Browser and transfer their favorites and bookmarks between different devices.

# Recommended Headlines

UC Browser for Android will select the latest news each for users to read easily everyday. Open UC Browser and start your morning by reading headlines from around the world!

UC Browser Headlines


Screenshots of UC Browser

2. UC Browser's Concepts

UC Browser always seeks for the best during its exploration. This comprehensive update has brought UC Browser into even higher place and attracts more new users. See what are the appreciated concepts of UC Browser.
UC Browser



To ensure better browsing experience, UC Browser International version updates its performance speed to provide users with faster web browsing and video streaming. In addition, UC Browser also guarantees its download speed. Users can download files inside UC Browser simply and quickly.


With UC Browser's AD blocking, data saving, and video streaming enhancement, users can view it as a smart assistant to help everyone browse information on site easily. UCWeb is still working to enhance UC Browser to make it much smarter.


All functionalities and each new enhancement are completed to improve UC Browser to be better, and provides users with better and more user-friendly using experience.



3. Platforms

UC Browser now is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Java, Symbian, Win CE, MTK, and Blackberry. Grasp some simple information of UC Browser on the 4 main operating systems - iOS, Android, Windows, and Windows Phone.

# UC Browser for Android

UC Browser APK owns the largest download amount among all of its compatible systems, with 300 million of 500 million in total. There are also two versions of UC Browser APK on Google Play, including UC Browser for Android and UC Browser Mini for Android.


# UC Browser for iOS

UC Browser for iOS was released in 2010. Users can search for UC Browser on App Store and download it freely. There are two versions of UC Browser – UC Browser+ for iPhone and UC Browser+ HD for iPad. The number of UC Browser’s iOS users keeps increasing rapidly. UC Browser apps download is available on App Store.

# UC Browser for Windows

UC Browser for PC works as an important role to enable users to browse online videos, news more freely. At present, UC Browser 7.0 is available for Windows.

# UC Browser for Windows Phone

Later than UC Browser for iOS, UC Browser for Windows Phone was first released in early 2012. Due to its useful and appreciated functions, UC Browser on Windows Phone is the most popular third-party web browser on this system with most users to download.

UC Browser on Different Platforms

4. UC Browser Mini

When users search for UC Browser on Google Play Store, they can also find "UC Browser Mini". What is it? How it is different from UC Browser? Learn something about UC Browser Mini now.

UC Browser Mini is a tiny package of UC Browser. At present, UC Browser Mini is only available for Android users. With UC Browser Mini, those devices with small storage space can also enjoy the wonderful browsing experience brought by UC Browser.

Download UC Browser Mini APK now!

UC Browser Mini Overview

Name UC Browser Mini
Developer UCWeb Inc.
Supported System Android
Latest Version
Updated on January 30, 2019
Requirement Android 4.0 and up
Size 12M
Installs 100 Million +
Price Free


Features of UC Browser Mini
  • UC Browser Mini has much smaller size than UC Browser, but provides same browsing quality for Android users.
  • UC Browser Mini can be multifunctional as well - it includes many useful functions such as night mode, ad blocker, incognito browsing, etc.
  • UC Browser Mini enables smart downloading online resources, which even supports multiple and background download without auto reconnection.
  • UC Browser Mini also does data saving work to save much data by compressing them and speeding up navigation.
UC Browser Mini on Android

5. Tutorial on Using UC Browser's Amazing Functions

How to Manage UC Browser Add-ons

What is UC Browser add-ons? Actually, UC Browser has changed the name of add-ons into tools inside UC Browser APP. Therefore, you can simply find UC Browser add-ons from Menu > Tools.

STEP 1. Launch UC Browser on Android.
STEP 2. Click on the hamburger-like icon from the bar at the bottom of the interface.
STEP 3. Click on "Tools" button, and you can find all useful UC Browser add-ons here.

UC Browser Add-ons


How to Download Videos on UC Browser

Instead of streaming videos online, some users may want to download online video for offline playback even without the annoying poor network connection. So can UC Browser download videos for offline watching? Fortunately, the answer will be a YES. All you need is just a reliable online video downloader. Now follow the guide below to get your favorite online video download.

STEP 1. Open the online video page on any video platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion,etc. with UC Browser.
STEP 2. Copy the link of the video and navigate to VidPaw.
STEP 3. Paste the video link to the download bar and click on "Start".
STEP 4. Select video format as well as resolution. Finally, submit downloading the video.
Through these 4 simple steps, you can download videos on UC Browser with ease! Now, just enjoy your favorite videos offline!

Download YouTube Video on UC Browser


How to Block Ads in UC Browser

In order to provide users with a clean and comfortable browsing environment, UC Browser builds an ads blocker in the program to remove all ads from users' sight while they are using UC Browser. You can enable this function with simple clicks.

STEP 1. Go to Settings in UC Browser.
STEP 2. Turn to "Ad Block".
STEP 3. Enable Ad Blocker on.
Then you can browse freely without being interrupted any annoying ad. You can see how many ads UC Browser has blocked for you here, too.
Note: You are also able to turn on "Powerful Ad Blocker" to remove some sticky ads.

Block Ads on UC Browser


Users can also block any ad manually while they are browsing. Just long press the link and select "Block this ad" from the pop-up options.

Block This Ad on Android


How to Turn on Incognito Mode

Want to use UC Browser without leaving any search, browsing, or download history? By enabling incognito mode, UC will not save any of these history records for you and you can visit sites traceless and privately.

STEP 1. Click on the square icon on the menu bar at the bottom of the interface.
STEP 2. Tap on the little ghost icon to enable incognito mode.
STEP 3. After the page turns to main interface again automatically, you can visit sites without leaving history records under incognito mode.

The app allows the ripping off videos in different resolutions, from 144P to 1080P. This way you can choose the file size to be stored in the smartphone's internal or external drive. If your phone has a small storage space, then choose the lower resolution. But if storage space is not a problem, then go download in HD quality.

Enable on Incognito Mode on UC Browser


How to Save/Re-enable Cloud Tabs

UC Browser's Cloud Sync function allows users to save tabs from other devices under the same login account. For example, you can save the tabs on UC Browser from PC to Android/iOS simply. So how to enable cloud tabs? Just follow the steps below.

On iPhone/iPad
STEP 1. Tap on the square icon on menu bar.
STEP 2. Click on "Launch Cloud Tabs".
STEP 3. Login with the account that you have saved tabs to and select them.
Now you have saved the tabs from other devices easily.

Enable Cloud Tabs on iPhone


For ensuring that you can save the tabs in UC Browser on one device successfully, you have to login account first before using UC Browser. Just head to Cloud Sync in menu and login your account.

Login Cloud Sync


With UC Browser;s Cloud Sync function, users do not need to worry about that they will delete any important bookmark accidentally. If you do, just login your account and save it again.

On Android
STEP 1. Head to menu in UC Browser.
STEP 2. Click on "History&Bookmarks".
STEP 3. Click on "Sync" in the lower-center navigation bar.
STEP 4. Login with the same account where you save your bookmarks to. Then select and save them to UC Browser on Android.

Sync Bookmarks on UC Android


How to Enable Cloud Boost

By enabling Cloud Boost in UC Browser, users can open the page while browsing more quickly and save much data traffic, because Cloud Boost is able to transfer and compress contents on the Cloud efficiently.

On iPhone/iPad
STEP 1. Head to "Settings" in menu bar.
STEP 2. Open Data Saver section.
STEP 3. Enable Cloud Boost.

Enable Cloud Boost on iOS


1. When you have turned on Cloud Boost, you can even save more data traffic by selecting image quality, or boost your browsing speed by turning on Speed Mode.
2. Additionally, selecting Page Preload under "Only on Wi-Fi" section prevents data from wasting greatly.

On Android
STEP 1. Go to menu in UC Browser.
STEP 2. Click on the gear icon on the lower-left corner.
STEP 3. Tap on "Browsing Settings".
STEP 4. Select to enable Cloud Boost function.

Enable Cloud Boost on UC Browser


How to Change Download Path

STEP 1. Head to Menu > Settings in UC Browser.
STEP 2. Scroll down the page to find "Download Settings".
STEP 3. Click "Default Path" and select an output folder to save the downloads from UC Browser.

Change UC Browser Download Path on UC Browser

6. FAQs on Using UC Browser

Can I Download YouTube Videos with UC Browser?

Since YouTube has stated that other platforms are not allowed to download videos from it, users cannot download YouTube videos with UC Browser's download function. They can only mark YouTube videos and save them to "My Videos", then watch them later on.

Mark YouTube Video on UC Browser for Later Watch


But if you want to download YouTube online videos for offline watching, you can turn to some online video downloader for help. For example, VidPaw can be a great online video downloader for users to download YouTube videos easily and safely.

[Solution] Download YouTube Videos with VidPaw
On Android
STEP 1. Open YouTube video in UC Browser, and copy its link.
STEP 2. Navigate to VidPaw in UC Browser, too. Then paste the link to the download bar.
STEP 3. Click on "Start" and scroll down the page to select output format as well as quality.
STEP 4. Submit downloading YouTube video.

On iPhone
STEP 1. Copy the URL of the YouTube Video you get on UC Browser.
STEP 2. Launch Documents app on iPhone, and head to VidPaw with its inbuilt browser.
STEP 3. Paste URL to the bar and click on "Start".
STEP 4. Select output quality for the downloaded video.
STEP 5. Finally, click on "Download".


Why I Fail to Play Online Videos?

Although UC Browser provides great convenience for users to play videos online, some users find that they fail to play them successfully. Why? There are 3 possible reasons result in this situation.

  • The version of the downloaded UC Browser is too old.
  • The network connect is poor.
  • Too much cache and cookies stored on UC Browser.

Therefore, you can try to update your UC Browser, re-connect Internet, or clear cache and cookies when you fail to play online videos on UC Browser.


Why I Fail to Open Site in UC Browser?

There are 3 possible situations and solutions when users encounter with this problem.

*Try opening the site on other browsers. If it still fails to be opened, that means the site has copyright risk.
*If other browsers can open the site but UC Browser fails, you can turn off/on Cloud Boost, clear cache and cookies, or switch Ad Block, then try again.
*When the 2 solutions above are failed, you can follow the steps below to enable UC team to locate your problem.
STEP 1. Launch UC Browser and enter "ucd:123456789" in the search bar, then select "log".
STEP 2. Head to the site and choose "stop logging" when it finished loading.
STEP 3. Click "Upload".
STEP 4. Finally, reach UC team and tell them your exact loading time as well as your mobile phone model. Then they will track the problem and figure it out ASAP.


Cannot Open Downloaded Files in UC Browser

If you want to open zip files in UC Browser, you have to install app to unzip the files before open them. If you fail to open other files, try to restart UC Browser or download the files again.
If they still fail to be opened, turn to UC team for help.


How to Close News Notification

If you don't want to be disturbed by constant news notifications, you can turn it off inside UC Browser. Just follow the steps below.

STEP 1. Go to Menu and click on the gear icon on the lower-left corner of the screen.
STEP 2. Scroll down to find "Notification Settings" and enter it.
STEP 3. Turn off "Push Notification".

Close News Notification


How to Remove UC Browser

If you find that UC Browser is not your cup of tea, you can remove UC Browser from your devices easily as well. Just follow the simple steps below.

STEP 1. Long-press UC Browser APP on Android.
STEP 2. Move it to "Uninstall" section on top of the screen.
Then you can simple remove UC Browser from Android.



User Reviews

This is the best browser I have ever used! I greatly appreciate its headlines function for I can read news simply in UC Browser. It brings great convenience to me! --Justin Smith
Thanks UC Browser. It really helps my browsing experience to be more fantastic. --Joana Lois
It seems UC Browser has met up all I need – streaming and downloading online videos, grasping daily news, browsing information with high speed, etc. I have shared this amazing browser to my friends. --Lucy Alexander

8. UC Browser's Related Apps

When we talk about UC Browser, you can first grasp some understanding among UC Browser, UC News, 9Apps, and to distinguish them. Actually, these 3 apps are main important traffic drivers to UC Ads. Here in this part, they will be introduced.
About UC Ads

UC Ads is a mobile marketing solutions provider, which aims at helping customers to connect with their right audience around the global with its intelligent content marketing solutions as well as technologies, for example, it will help to raise customers' brand awareness, increase the sales, and optimize their apps, etc. The main traffic source of UC Ads comes from THREE major apps - they are UC Browser, UC News, and 9 Apps. UC Ads mainly focuses on Indonesia market.

UC Ads Logo


Features of UC Ads
  • UC Ads covers more than 50% market share in India and Indonesia.
  • UC Ads will create appropriate solutions to help customers to fulfill their business targets.
  • UC Ads owns large user scale and smart data-driven algorithm to make contents reach millions of audiences.
  • UC Ads provides excellent solutions to maximize the outcomes of branding and each performance.

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UC News

UC News provides immediate and popular news for reader everyday, ranging among a few categories like entertainment, cricket, movie, politics, and so on. UC News delivers contents through its huge data clusters and enable users to have quick access to these information easily. And with UC News, users can read through all kinds of headlines without surfing on the net or looking for newspapers.

UC News


UC News supports 7 main languages at present, including English, Chinese, Hindi, and Indonesian, and other 15 regional Indian languages like Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Punjabi, Odia, Urdu, Bhojpuri, Assamese and Kashmiri, etc.

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9Apps app store is a perfect alternative to Google Play for users to get various apps easily. With 9Apps, you can have fast access to all kinds of popular global brand apps. As your selection, using 9App s to download UC Browser can also be a good choice! 9App attracts users with its amazing features, and now has a large user group, which includes more than 250 million users around the global.

Here's the App Overview you should check out.

Name 9Apps
Developer 9apps.com
Supported System Android
App Size 3.4MB
Version V3.3.2.4
Requirement Android 4.0+
Users 9250 Million
Price Free

Features of 9Apps
  • Provide abundant personalized applications to users.
  • Enable fast performance as well as download speed.
  • Save much data through data compression.
  • Offer multi-media and interesting content inside the program.

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9. See Also: Other Recommended Apps

Opera Logo

#1. Opera

Opera is a really quality browser for it is fast launching and with brilliant clean using interface. Also, as UC Browser does, Opera is equipped with powerful Ad Blocker to prevent useless ads from interrupting users' browsing. Many people fall in love with this browser once they use it.
Mozilla Firefox Logo

#2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the leading web browsers on both PC and mobile for its high performance and convenience. Recently, Mozilla Firefox also received its biggest update over the last 13 years. Now it even stands much higher among other web browsers.

Google Chrome Logo

#3. Google Chrome

Google Chrome has built its top rankings among all the browsers around the world. There are lots of data maintained to calculate how the pages ranking in Google Chrome. And businesses also adopts the search result in Google Chrome to evaluate how their businesses go, from which we can realize Google Chrome is not only popular but also authoritative.
Microsoft Edge Logo

#4. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge now is fully compatible with Windows 10 and shows its powerful features. It performs in really high speed, which provides users with quicker loading and browsing speed. Microsoft Edge also becomes more user-friendly and even offers a built-in reading mode, bring much convenience to users.