Frequently Asked Questions - UC Browser for Android

Last Updated: July 26, 2018

If you have some questions while using UC Browser on Android, just go through these FAQs to find if there are any solution to help you figure out the problems.

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Q1. Cannot open site in UC Browser

There are 3 possible situations and solutions when users encounter with this problem.
*Try opening the site on other browsers. If it still fails to be opened, that means the site has copyright risk.
*If other browsers can open the site but UC Browser fails, you can turn off/on Cloud Boost, clear cache and cookies, or switch Ad Block, then try again.
*When the 2 solutions above are failed, you can follow the steps below to enable UC team to locate your problem.
STEP 1. Launch UC Browser and enter "ucd:123456789" in the search bar, then select "log".
STEP 2. Head to the site and choose "stop logging" when it finished loading.
STEP 3. Click "Upload".
STEP 4. Finally, reach UC team and tell them your exact loading time as well as your mobile phone model. Then they will track the problem and figure it out ASAP

Q2. Can I choose other video players to play online videos?

There will be two situations that you may come accorss.
#1. YouTube videos
As for YouTube online videos, you can only watch them inside YouTube site due to YouTube's copyright policy.

#2. Other online videos
For other online free videos, you can try the following steps to play them with other video players.
STEP 1. Play online video and enter full-screen mode.
STEP 2. Click on the three-dots option in the lower-right corner.
STEP 3. Select the video player you want to use.

Q3. Can I remove Headlines from the homepage of UC Browser?

Certainly you can. Just follow the guide below to remove headlines from the homepage.
STEP 1. Launch UC Browser and scroll download to the bottom in homepage.
STEP 2. Click on "Manage Cards" option.
STEP 3. Turn off Headlines.

Turn off Headlines
Q4. Why I fail to launch UC Browser?

You can try to solve this problem by making sure if the 3 situations below have occurred.

  • Check whether network connection is poor.
  • Check whether you can open other app on your Android or not.
  • If you only fail to launch UC Browser, re-install it and try again.

Still cannot open after re-installation, you can contact UC team for help.

Q5. Why UC Browser always exits/closes automatically?

*If your device is rooted and UC Browser occurs auto-exit frequently, install and Explorer from Google Play Store. When UC Browser closes automatically again, disconnect network > open Explorer > find "data/data/com.UCMobile/crash". Pack the whole folder and send it to us.
*If your device is not rooted, reach us and send specific time that crashing occurs, and your IMEI:*#06#. We will help to optimize your browserASAP.

Q6. Cannot resume downloads

Try these 3 solutions to deal with this problem.
#1. Update your UC Browser to the latest version if you haven't.
#2. Clear cache and cookies on UC Browser.
#3. Turn on Cloud Boost.
Note: Some files do not support resume download at all, while others may have time limitation. Make sure you haven't paused too long because it will be invalid.

Q7. Why the file I download is divided in parts?

Try these 4 ways to solve it when this problem occurs.
#1. Turn on/off Cloud Boost.
#2. Clean up cache on UC Browser.
#3. Change access point.
#4. Switch on/off speed mode.
If it still occurs after you try these methods, you should make sure whether the same problem exist while you use other browsers to download it.