Frequently Asked Questions - UC Browser for iOS

Last Updated: July 26, 2018

This section has listed the most common problems that many users come across and their solutions as well, in order to guarantee you a wonderful browsing experience on using UC Browser for iOS.

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Q1. Why my UC Browser does not connect to network?

Firstly, check if you have enable Cellular data on your iPhone. If it has been enabled yet, head to UC Browser and check current network by going through Menu > Tools > Check Network.
If the problem still occurs, reach local network service supplier for help.

Q2. Do I need to pay for services in UC Browser?

Absolutely not. UC Browser is completely free for any user to use. No services or tools in UC Browser need a charge.

Q3. Why the download speed is slow?

There are 3 main reasons that will cause this problem.
*There are too many users who connect to the same network address that you are using to download files in UC Browser.
*You have kept to many apps running in the background, which may occupy iPhone’s CPU and the network speed.
*The file on the site which you are downloading may have problems.

To deal with it, you can try these 3 methods.
#1. Switch to a faster network connection.
#2. Close the apps running in the background.
#3. Clear cache and turn on Cloud Boost in UC Browser.

Q4. How to deal with download failure in UC Browser?

Make sure the network connection is in good situation. Then fix it with these ways.
#1. Update your UC Browser to the latest version in App Store.
#2. Clear cache and unnecessary history records in UC Browser.
#3. Try to download the files later.
If it still fails after trying these solutions, reach UC team for help.