Frequently Asked Questions - UC Browser for PC

Last Updated: July 26, 2018

Fix some existing problems that occur to your UC Browser on PC with the help of these FAQ tips to enable a better browsing experience now!

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Q1. Why it changes my default search engine from Google to others?

You have encountered this problem probably because you haven't disable the Google Keep Chrome extension. Just disable it and the problem will be solved.

Q2. Why blank screen occurs while visiting page or launching UC Browser?

When a blank screen occurs while visiting site or launching UC Browser on PC, try these methods to figure it out.
#1. Clean up history records and browsing data in UC Browser.
#2. Close Ad blocker or related extension if you have installed them.
If the problem still occurs, reach UC team for help.

Q3. Why UC Browser updates automatically?

In order to provide users with the latest UC Browser functions for enabling users the best browsing experience. UC Browser will be updated automatically. We will work to optimize this function if you don’t need it at all in the future.

Q4. Can I delete the saved tabs which I have synced?

Absolutely you can. You have two ways to delete them completely. #1. Login in the account on UC Browser on PC and open the page you want to save. Click on "Sync now" and the tab data in cloud will be updated. At the same time, the old tab will be deleted. #2. The mobile UC Browser is equipped with tab page management. Just delete directly in mobile UC Browser.

Q5. What platforms support Cloud Sync at present?

Currently, iPhone 9.0 and up, Android 9.3 and up, iPad 2.1 and up, UC Browser for PC supports Cloud Sync. It means that you can transfer UC data between these platforms freely.

Q6. How to deal with UC Browser lags on PC?

To deal with UC Browser lags on PC, you can try three options as follow. #1. Clear cache data and browsing history on UC Browser. #2. Re-install UC Browser for PC. #3. Close some useless add-ons on UC Browser or the apps running in the background on your PC.